Conference Postponed Until 2016

NOTE: The Fourth International Symposium on Nanotechnology, Energy and Space (NES-2015) has been postponed until 2016. Please check back for updates in early 2016.

The Fourth International Symposium on Nanotechnology, Energy and Space (NES-2015) will be held on September 29-October 1, 2015 in San Antonio Texas.

The THEME of the Symposium is the application of nanotechnology to the solution of materials challenges in the areas of energy harvesting, energy transmission and energy utilization, both in the terrestrial and space environments.

An International group of stimulating Invited Speakers is being assembled and promises to make the Symposium informative, exciting and unforgettable:

Invited Speakers (Non-Final List)

Mr. Charles Bolden
Astronaut - Administrator of NASA (tentative)

Dr. Ronald Sega
Astronaut - Past Undersecretary of the Air Force (confirmed)

Dr. Franklin Chang-Diaz
Astronaut - Space Entrepreneur (confirmed)

Mr. Sergei Krikalev
Cosmonaut/Astronaut; Director of the Star City Space Training Facility, Russia (confirmed)

Dr. Bonnie Dunbar
Astronaut - STEM education (confirmed)

Dr. Talgat Musabaev
Cosmonaut/Astronaut - Director Kazakhstan Space Agency (tentative)

Dr. Zhores Alferov
Nobel Laureate - Nanostructured Materials (tentative)

Dr. Roald Sagdeev
Past Director Institute for Space Studies, Russia (confirmed)

Dr. Alexander Aseev
Vice President, Russian Academy of Sciences - Director, Semiconductor Institute (confirmed)

Dr. Nuraly Bekturganov
Past Minister of Education, Kazakhstan (confirmed)

We hope to see you at the Symposium...

The DEADLINE for ABSTRACT SUBMISSION is August 24, 2015.